Food – we can make it local

We can supply a range of foods for all occasions using our very local produce of the very highest quality. Tell us what you’d like.

Cheddar Strawberries and Cream -probably the best in the country

Whilst there is a plethora of high quality restaurants, pubs and cafes within walking distance you may just want to eat in and sample the fabulous local produce. We have spent years finding you mouthwatering selections for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Gurt Yurt Exclusive Food Boxes

We source all our foods locally. All are in cycling distance from the campsite.

Connies Cakes

Home made Brownies Pack of 4   £6

Strawberries and Cream for 2 £6 for 4 £10

Meaty Breakfast -Laurel Farm/Hansfords 

6 eggs 6 sausages 6 bacon slices 1/4Kg Tomatoes            £15

Hot Fishy Breakfast  Valley Smokehouse/ Batch Camp  £14

6 eggs 3 Kippers or 100g Smoked salmon Sourdough loaf

Fruity Breakfast -Yeo Valley/Queenswood Foods/Warrens Farm    6-10 portions         £14

Strawberries, Yoghurt, Honey, Oats, Milk

Meaty Barbecue – Laurel Farm/ Hansford Butchers/ Winnies bakery

6 Sauasages 4Beef/Hamburgers PorkRibs ½ rack Marinaded Chicken pieces 6 buns Coleslaw Cheddar Cheese                          £25

Meaty Lunch Somerset Charcuterie/ Lye farm/ Hansfords

Winnies Buns Cold meats, Cheddar cheese, Draycott Blue or Goats cheese, Butter, Coleslaw, Bradleys Lemonade £20

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